Updated on March 6, 2018


The thought of seeing you gives me butterflies in my stomach.
We've been friends for sometime now
told each other we loved the other a hundred times if not more.
But I still get those god damn butterflies
because I know how you'll look at me.
Like I'm a cluster of stars or the blue in a fire.
I'll want to touch you,
run my fingers through your hair and hold you for hours.
I get those god damn butterflies thinking about seeing you
and I know I shouldn't.

The way you touch me,
just running the tips of your fingers over my body,
sends chills down my spine.
When you hold me,
I've never felt so safe and at home.
A hundred times we've done this and you still give me butterflies.
I wish they weren't fluttering through every part of my body,
Maybe then I could make you mine.


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