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Butterflies and Roses Wanderer

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Wandering through an empty land,

A child clings to fading light.

She searches for a friendly hand

Amid the darkening night;

A hope to lift her troubled heart,

To ease her stormy mind;

Some proof that she's not far apart

from love's encircling bind.

Heedless of her threatening tear

Fierce shadows grow and darken.

The sun begins to disappear.

The dim light whispers, "Hearken!"

'Tis a final farewell song.

Loosening grip on precious hope,

The child sighs a pained, "So long"

To that last shred of tattered rope

Which now comes to its fated end.

Her heart is heavy and very weak

A farewell to beloved friend.

A single tear drips down her cheek.

"Precious one and darling dear,

I'll see you on the other side.

You're gone now yet so very near,

For in my heart you'll e're abide.

So fear not my beloved one.

I'll see you soon.

You're not far gone.

A heavy heart is no great boon.

You're simply at a fair retreat

Where I have not yet been.

But I have faith that when we meet,

We'll never part again."

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