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Starlight, starbright

First star I see tonight,

A lonely soul is pleading.

A broken heart is bleeding.

Oh, starlight, starbright,

First hope I have tonight,

I wish I may

I wish I might...

How can I say?

Is my wish right?

Dear starlight,

Precious starbright,

I'm at wit's end.

I can't pretend.

My starlight,

My heaven bright,

I wish not

For items bought,

Nor wish I for glory

Or a hero's story.

But fabled starlight,

Glorious starbright,

What is torn,

Make not forlorn.

Please mend,

Please, please send

To this broken soul

One to make whole;

Not glittering gold

Or treasures of old.

But to me send

A true and loyal friend.