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Butterfly: Different Colors, Different Patterns

I am a graphic designer by profession and loves to read and write in my free time. I have a keen interest in writing poetries.


We have so many theories about you

and many of them are true

Beautiful, resilient body

that everyone loves for sure

I want to be just like you,

no, beauty is not what I mean

the freedom and change that you posses,

that gives hope to every human being.

There are so many of you,

each represent some other meaning,

different colors, different patterns

You represent every living thing.


Black represents death and is associated with rebirth,

Blue represents joy and a change in luck,

White as they say is for purity and peace

If you need passion and romance, go find the red one's flying around with ease.

And let me tell you one thing, I know your pain too,

transforming yourself to such beauty must have been so harsh on you

but you carry yourself so beautifully, your confidence says it all

You don't need no attention, no pride, no call.

© 2021 Parul Rawat