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Butterflies Crashing In

I’m not going to fall for it
This water is hard to swallow
You won’t be able to do it
You can’t lead, only follow

Now your mind walks the streets
It’s easy, you got nothing to lose
It’s bigger now, you’re the barista
We all drink what it is you choose

How deeply did you pray for this
Come down from the mountain
You know you can’t tempt Jesus
You can’t hide behind a curtain

These people are over your head
They already knew you would come
Your father was the same as you
A simple man, you’re a simple son

There’s nothing wrong with that
But it’s right where they want you
Removing the light from your soul
Replacing it with something untrue

Why don’t we talk about addiction
The pills are in the words you hear
You think you’re well, but you’re not
Delusion is no source of good cheer

We can’t count all the butterflies
As they crash another windshield in
But we can know the never-ending
Until it does, only to begin again

What you believe is only a story told
But why, you don’t love your neighbor
Instead you felt it, in your life or dreams
You lost, so another man is your savior

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