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But Honey They're Fake

Maryam observes, feels, thinks and then uses a pen. She puts her heart out on the page. She feels herself in the place of her characters.


‘Mom, I want those’


‘Yes, those’

‘Are you sure, baby?’

‘Yes, mom, aren’t they lovely’

‘But baby they are fake’

‘Does it matter, mom?’

‘Yes, it does, dear’

‘But mom I want those,

Can’t you see?

The perfect bloom,

The colors so deep,

Shinning like the moon,’

‘But baby, they’re fake,’

‘But I want them mom,’

‘Honey, what about those,

Those you planted,

One day they’ll grow,

Just as you wanted,’

‘But mommy there’s time,

For them to grow,

And I can’t wait,

For them to show,’

‘Okay dear, lemme tell you,

You see the bright colors,’

‘And the perfect bloom,’

‘Yes, the perfect bloom,

But let’s just take a whiff,

And tell me,

Can you catch the scent,

From any?’

‘Ah, it’s dust, mom,

Up in my nose,

Mom it’s itching,’

‘See, that’s the point,

Those so glittering,

Are just so dust,

That you’ve planted,

Will one day burst,

And bloom simply beautiful,

With scent so pleasant,’

‘And the colors be too,’

‘Yes, dear the colors be too,’

‘Mom, but why do they,

Grow so slow,

And these are,

Gleaming in glow,’

‘You see dear,

All glitters are not gold,

And no matter how slow,

Patience gives you the best,

Leave to God, all else,’

‘Now, I see,

Now, I learn,

There are somethings,

That you earn,

And I will too,

Through my hard work into,

Growing those in my garden,

And when it’s all done,

We will have those blooms,’

‘We sure will, soon’ :)


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