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Busyness Burned Up This Life

For years I felt driven to prove how fast I could work, how many hours I could stay awake, how fast I could drive my car.


Busyness burned up this life
Fired, I persevered like a pack mule
Procrastination was the method
From one jump to the next
My hope was in the Future
Loves were left in the Past
''Be Here Now'' Ram Das said
Eight decades have passed yet still
I know nothing but the Now was
Burned up on important things
Dancing as fast as I could
To the next delay.
As I lay dying will I wonder yet
What happened?
The girl asked, ''Mom,
What is this life?" She answered,
''Come and rest with me.''
Pressed, there was no time!
My waking days and most nights
Were spent sponging it in, drinking it down
I would find the answer

What did I learn besides "Keep kicking ass?"
How could I know
That my guru was born in America?
She didn't need answers
And only said, "If you figure it out,
Let me know." Because she knew.
Today I see her through her kitchen window
When the yard was verdant and warm
She, on the hammock under an apricot tree
The vision reaches and covers me
Clearer today than it ever was
No distance or time can hamper
This is life. This is my answer.

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