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Bury Them in the Depths of the Earth

I have always written fun poems, but these days I sometimes like to make my words and paper cry. Maybe I try to express the pain in whispers


Bury them in the depths of the earth is a poem about a person who is fed up with her life and feels tired because she thinks that everything is over, and she has no hope and no desire left. Sitting in the dark by candlelight, she wrote her thoughts on a piece of paper, and soon it took the form of a poem.

In the Darkness and Depths of the Earth

I am getting tired now, I want to rest…

I will keep no hope and desire in my heart.

My heart will no longer skip a beat at your words,

Nor will my eyes weep to find you on my path.

A story without a happy ending,

Let us just end it on a beautiful note.

For when we look back in time,

We will regret less having hurt a loved one.

Again, I claim: not every story has a happy ending, and

Some do not even have one.

I am a time traveler,

soon I’ll arrive at a point where time stops.

That day will be the last day of my life, and

I will wake up in a wholly different world.

It will certainly be better than the one I have now, and

The world of souls will be a better place than the one I live in now.

When I die: ask them to place my wishes and pain in my coffin.

Ask my loved ones to bid me farewell with blessings, not tears…

For I will not be able to return from there to wipe away their tears.

Tell them to close the casket tight enough.

So that my pain can scream and die,

In the darkness and depths of the earth, and

All my dreams reach heaven along my soul, and

come true in heaven above.

We are all dreamers, and we all want our dreams to come true. Dreams come true at the right time. Be patient and wait for your dreams to come true; but, I believe some dreams are not fulfilled in this world, but in the hereafter, and the hereafter is unquestionably the best place to have your wishes come true because it is an eternal life.

— Misbah Sheikh

© 2022 Misbah Sheikh