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Bursting Leaves: A Poem for Autumn

Sometimes poetry is able to capture our sentiments better than long explanations. I hope this poem reaches you in this way.


Bursting Leaves

A burst of leaves blew into my road,

beyond a winding path

on which pedestrians once strode.

Thousands, thousands,

tumbling across my way

as the sun was rising

on a windy, autumn day.

I passed through this cloud so strange,

so varied in its color,

with some leaves burning autumn orange

while some were drab, and duller.

Once I had passed through it

and the other side was reached,

I wondered if I’d heard

the shortest sermon ever preached.

In front of me there were no leaves,

and no more flew behind.

The explosion of swirling colors

must have been a sign.

How could this be a benefit for

anyone to see

except to one who loves the leaves,

perhaps someone…like me?

I smiled in that moment that

a blink could have passed by,

the split-second sermon understood,

it’s meaning realized.

“Lord, if this was a sign from You

for most it would do no good.”

Then I heard His familiar voice,

“But for you I knew it would.”

Little signs and wonders

are the ways God likes to show

that He cares for us in little ways

that only we can know.

He gives all of us such moments,

swirling leaves were one of mine.

I think it gives new meaning to the question,

“What’s your sign?”


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Do you hear His voice in the wind? Do you see His majesty in the stars, and the rest of creation? However He speaks to you I hope you can find still, quiet places so you'll hear Him in those special moments that can only be shared between you and your Maker.

© 2018 Leland Johnson

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