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Burnt Men


Burnt men

Today, I speak to the boy
Who has been castigated and troubled
Hated, battered and emasculated
That man whose soul has been set on fire
With words that cut like razor
They call you a soft boy,
But you are a flower that will blossom
Like a rose in the summer

I speak to you son
You whose eyes have seen death
And on its valleys your soul was burnt
Yet, you keep thriving like a phoenix
You have been chastised and ridiculed
Broken in pieces by those you love
Betrayed by your own brothers
Each morning is like a race without end
You fight your demons in silence
Praying for the hand of salvation
You know that death lives at the next door
Many like you have gone, hunted like criminals
Clubbed, bludgeoned and set ablaze
No wonder you keep burning inside

There is a story father told me
About a man who was haunted by his own shadow
He died in his ignorance without a fight
You who fly the rainbow colours
Rise up and fight your fight
You are always beautiful

When your eyes get peppered
And your lips dry
You feel daggers choking your heart
And the world keeps falling on you
Remember that you are like every other human
Kind, loved and appreciated
That in the hatred oozing from your foes
There is so much love to share around
You are burnt men, you never die.

Alexander Thandi Ubani

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