Burning the Apron Strings to the Ground

Updated on September 18, 2018
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Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 12 years.

Woke up this morning and was transformed into someone

Completely different than when my head hit the pillow

Sound of alarm clock didn't cause any extreme stress

Just a noise of something new to contend with

Digging the idea of potential opportunities for the day

Felt like Christopher Columbus exploring uncharted territory

Touching undiscovered treasures and stepping onto foreign soil

With the ease of an adventurer not folding under pressure

Happy in the presence of a co-captain who shared in the wealth

Ignored all the naysayers and their projected speculations

Relished the opportunity to have fun with substance

Enjoyed the idea of being in a relationship

Where rules were thrown by the wayside

Should be about two people who respect one another

Talked out their problems instead of throwing sand

From the sandbox into each other's eyes

As a vicious act of immaturity and spitefulness

Enjoyed having partner to laugh, snuggle and play with

Also, to confide in when life threw a massive curveball

And plopped it right on your doorstep

Preferred to have a means of emotional and physical support

When times were good and even when they're difficult

Content with the natural progression of events

Ignorant of the guidelines that men and women supposedly

Required to follow in all matters of dating and relationships

Going a year strong and instinct worked thus far

Perturbed by the fact that everyone reveled in flaunting

Their experienced critically penned sentiments

On subjects that didn't really apply to them

Sick and tired of being told how and when

Things needed to be accomplished by which date

Don't have the desire to be 2018's answer to June Cleaver

Looking for an equal partner; not a superior officer

If wanted that, the army would be the answer for that

In the meantime, people need to keep their lips zipped

Keeping their clueless opinions to themselves

They are not wanted by this Northwoods II resident

Or anyone in close proximity to them

Finished with playing by society's rules

Don't expect any wedding invitations in the mail just yet

Enjoying the ride as is for now

If it happens, it happens.

If not, stick your negative Nancy thoughts where the sun don't shine.

Ditch the suburban stereotype for your own identity.
Ditch the suburban stereotype for your own identity.


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