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Burning Minds - a Take on Domestic Abuse

The increasing rate of domestic abuse must be met with stern actions. This is a poem depicting the psychological implications of abuse.


Class apart she stands tall
as the embers of hateful spite breezes the memory
The beatings and abuse never diffuse
The black and blue darken the mirror view.

Like brushing or bathing
Eating or evacuating
She waits for the end of the day
To smell the strong alcohol infused pants
and the heavy weight of his satisfaction.
A grand finale, a habitual one
hearts content of brutal strikes
Then a sleep, an aching one
To wake up and repeat the useless plight.

© 2020 Tiyasha Maitra


Tiyasha Maitra (author) from Gurgaon on April 08, 2020:

Thanks for reading John.

You have got the focus of the poem completely. So many times women get habituated to the violence, it becomes a part of their lives. Take care my friend.

Farah you are right,

Strict retaliations are necessary for such ruthless actions. Women also must stand up against such violence and take necessary measures.

John Hansen from Gondwana Land on April 08, 2020:

A short but powerful piece that gets the message across well. The person describe seems to have just accepted her terrible but too common situation and achieved some sort of dullness to get through it. Well-written Poetry as always Tiyasha.

Farah N Huq from Dhaka, Bangladesh on April 08, 2020:

Domestic violance should never be supported. A strong stand should be taken against it right from the beginning. Women often forget their worth and succumb to the social pressure to continue with their "happily ever afters". A very sad poem indeed.

Tiyasha Maitra (author) from Gurgaon on January 13, 2020:

Thanks for reading Mr. Bhatt. Yes, it's indeed a sad affair that has become so very common these days

Umesh Chandra Bhatt from Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, India on January 13, 2020:

The poem has brought out very strongly the state of sadness and disappointment under the offended scenario. Good overall impact on the reader.

Tiyasha Maitra (author) from Gurgaon on January 12, 2020:

I think you didn't get me. The 'light' here is a lightheadedness from the heavy weight of unhappy memories. Hence the word 'breezes'. Immense physical and mental pain sometimes cause a dulling of the senses.

I do agree with your views on the yoga teachings. It does elevate our senses and builds an acceptance of who we are in our best form.

Karma and God are still elusive to me. The world around doesn't seem to always work on these two beliefs.

But thanks for the comment. I love these constructive arguments and always learn something. See you soon. Take care

manatita44 from london on January 12, 2020:

No, my sweet Sister. The soul does not know pain although the emotional heart does and quite a lot. It's neither light nor hidden. I believe it was Rosina who wrote a piece in which 'fear' and 'insecurity' were mentioned.

In some cases, the man is the house owner, or the bread winner. There may be kids or the woman likes something he has to offer: sex, companionship springing from loneliness and so forth. The same of loss of prestige ...

Yoga teaches that we ourselves are the weaknesses: We are either vulnerable in nature, fearful or anxious, insecure or there is something else from within - always within - keeping us there. We go when something dramatic changes our angle of vision, like a near death experience or something of a different nature.

Karma or God may play a role to give us the experience for their own reasons. OM Shanti!

Tiyasha Maitra (author) from Gurgaon on January 11, 2020:

Hi Manatita,

Thanks for reading. I used breezes on purpose to portray the habitual nature of the violence that after a while I feel becomes light on the memory because of the numbing of senses.

And that brings me to your question. I don't know why, but I have noticed many abused women become somewhat dependent on the violent experiences. It sounds odd but yes, it becomes a part of life much like habit. Probably that's the reason for such a high number.

manatita44 from london on January 11, 2020:

Well written. 'Bruises' the memory would be better for such a tough subject. Perhaps that's what you meant and as you are my friend, I'm pointing it out as the word 'breeze' contains a lightness that does not fit the content.

A look at the reality of domestic abuse, yes. A heavy subject and a necessary read. Here's a question: It is said that the abused woman, is abused an average of 21 times before she leaves. Any ideas why?

Tiyasha Maitra (author) from Gurgaon on January 10, 2020:

I agree Lorna. Even though physical wounds might heal, the psychological damage is often permanent. Thanks for reading and commenting.

Lorna Lamon on January 10, 2020:

The stark reality of abuse Tiyasha which I see all too often in my job. The circle is very difficult to break and even though the wounds may heal the psychological abuse may last a lifetime. Your poem portrays the hopeless situation many find themselves in and the fear they live with. A powerful write.

Tiyasha Maitra (author) from Gurgaon on January 09, 2020:

Thanks for reading Lora. You are right, a thorough awareness needs to be spread. In our country it's a very common issue among the poorer sections. And even in many educated households it is heard of. So many victims are scared and they hesitate to take steps. We should be there for them and encourage them to stop tolerating such violence.

Lora Hollings on January 09, 2020:

Such a sad but stirring poem on the plight of anyone living under the terrible oppression along with the physical and psychological trauma of domestic abuse. Then the children exposed to such violence, anger, and fear also become victims as well. Your poem and its poignant writing conveys the fear and helplessness that these poor victims are struggling with on a daily basis. If we are aware of a situation like this, we need to offer help to the victims so they can leave before it is too late! Making people aware that they don't have to suffer like this and that they have another choice is what we need to communicate. Thanks for sharing!

Tiyasha Maitra (author) from Gurgaon on January 09, 2020:

You are right Brenda. I too think such people have deepseethed psychological issues. And people must stay away for their own safety.

Thanks for commenting. You too take care.

BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on January 09, 2020:

It is so sad that anyone endures this kind of physical and mental pain.

It is sometimes so hard to break free. Everyone deserves a life without this treatment.

The one who abuses needs help that you just cant give. They are a very low person who no one needs to be around.

Be safe..take care.

Nice write.

Tiyasha Maitra (author) from Gurgaon on January 09, 2020:

Thanks for commenting John. The world is becoming pretty rotten every day.

Stive, you are right. Abuse against male family members is also common.

Any form of violence against male or female is completely unacceptable and strong actions is a must

Stive Smyth from Philippines on January 09, 2020:

Domestic Violence (DV) or abuse is just so very wrong, from either gender, and it does occur from both sides of a partnership. The modern term for partner-violence is Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) because DV can be from any family member. Yet the female-on-male abuse too often remains unacknowledged and for far too long.

John Hansen from Gondwana Land on January 09, 2020:

Domestic abuse is one of the worst blights on or society. You described this sad and tragic situation very well, Tiyasha. Good job.

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