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Brought Together by Destiny

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Putting something of note across to one’s lover ignites the love in his/her heart… Thinking deep about love, I have decided to pen this too…

Destiny brings us together my Jewel,

Love is the only thing I can say that has joined us together my Pride,

Our love would have packed up, but for our simplicity, which is rare amongst some lovers around us, our love keep being on fire day by day,

Enemies and antagonists of our romantic involvement would have penetrated and brought about our separation, but this has been inhibited because of our mutualism, because of our understanding,

Admiration as simple as it is, has been the headache of some lovers, this has not been wanting in our romantic involvements, by our individual continual admiring we have been unstoppable in love

One of the bedrocks of love is giving, gift to each other has continued to re-ignite our love and desire for each other,

Care for each other has been exceptional, such that other lovers around have envied us, this care has stick our hearts together in love like one of the strongest adhesive materials stick materials together.

Our care for each other sits like Kings and Queens in our hearts, making it difficult if not near impossible for anything to displace our feelings of love from each other’s hearts

Profession of love makes our joy of love overwhelming,

Our cup of love overflows because we confess to each other our faults

Forgiving each other makes our love a blessed one

You indeed my Love, are my Pride,

You indeed my Love, are my Joy,

You indeed my Love, are the miracle God sends across my path,

You are indeed my Love, are my Destiny

You indeed My Love, are my Glory,

You indeed my Love are my Happiness,

You indeed my Love, are the Mirror in which I see my image

You indeed my Love, are my daily energy drinks,

You indeed my Love, are my Dove,

The smile across my face each day is you My Love,

When I look around, it’s you I always have before me,

Your love is like blood flowing through my systems

With you my Love, I shall climb mountains,

With you my Love, I shall still enemies’ mouths,

With you my love I shall overcome antagonists at the gates,

With you my Love, I shall soar like eagles,

I roar like lion because your love intoxicates me,

I roar like lion because I know you are for me,

I see like eagles because you are my eyes,

My wisdom is like that of serpent because your love flows through my brains,

More understanding have I than my Superiors because your love is admirable

More knowledge have I than my Mentors because your love is supportive

Your tenderheartedness like doves gives me more insight,

Together we shall ever be,

Nothing shall ever separate us,

Because I have always find what I wanted in you,

I have always have reasons to continue to live because of you,

I have always have joy because of you,

You are my everything my Darling One,

In love we shall ever be,

In love we shall die ….