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Brotherly and Sisterly Love

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I believe that a mind is a powerful tool a human has and one should sharpen it by constant use.


Guess who are cats and dogs at home

They fight over trivial things

Irritate and annoy most of the time

They are called brothers and sisters.

When one got a mistake, bark like a dog

When one got to mess up, squail like a cat

There will be then lively sounds at home

They are called brothers and sisters

If one is greedy, the others will be angry

Like a kid crying over a lollipop

If one is not given what he wants, expect a cold war

Ignoring each other as if no one exists

They are called brothers and sisters

Despite all the fightings and quarrels

Being siblings can never be erased

Though they may have hate expressions to each other

In the end, they will still be the best companion among all

They are called brothers and sisters

Who will be there with you against the world?

Who will give you a piggyback as a reward?

Who will throw you a handkerchief on the face to wipe your tears?

Who will make your day as loud as cats and dogs?

and who will give you the best love?

No other than your brothers and sisters

© 2020 Bambe