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Brotherhood is a Gift: A Poem

Halley loves to write and wants to convey messages through his simple writings.



sense of brotherhood is a gift
the sense of brotherhood is formed to love, not to want to compete
a sense of brotherhood is always present as a teacher who is educating, not a shooter who is aiming
feeling like brothers who want to embrace, not hands that clench and want to hit
a sense of brotherhood like a constructive greeting, not an insulting remark
the feeling of brotherhood devotes compassion, not cheapening everything
the sense of brotherhood will show a solution, not display sensation
brothers and sisters need each other, not want to have everything.
the sense of brotherhood teaches how to respect, not a way to hurt
the sense of brotherhood comes and comes to defend, not appear and appear to denounce.

Sometimes you like to treat us, not because they are a lot of money
but, because they put the Brotherhood beyond money
but, because they appreciate the meaning of a brotherhood.
Sometimes you always provide information, not because you feel smart
but, because it remembers us.

One day there will be people around us who have a sense of brotherhood
there will be reminders of Religion and Faith.
Not because you feel good and perfect.
but, that is the manifestation of the Brotherhood because of the Brotherhood of God with a conscience based on faith and belief.
One time, we will all be separated, both by distance, time and death, which will pick us up.

But there are brothers who continue to pray for us. One day our children and grandchildren will meet them and tell stories. We used to have a brotherhood together.

Brotherhood does not look for mistakes
but, Covering the emergence of misunderstanding based on a sincere and sincere Heart.

Brotherhood will continue despite many obstacles.
At one time some just pay attention to our success.

But, there are some brothers who care about our health and condition so that is true brotherhood.

One day we are complacent with jokes and laughter.
but, there is a reminder that we are never negligent, that is the sense of brotherhood.

Brother, even though I don't meet often.
But it will always be remembered, that is the sense of brotherhood
Let us build a sense of brotherhood with sincerity

© 2018 Halley Kawistoro