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My Brother Roy

A book lover and a dreamer. The author believes that words of poetry will unite us to one another.


I can still remember some of the petty fights we had.

We were children once.

Back then, when life was simple and we always laugh.

You always made me feel safe and loved.

My tears were your tears and your pain was mine.

Remember when I scraped my knee one summer time?

You held me and told me that I was the bravest person you had ever known.

One time I was crying and standing at your door.

You asked me, "What's wrong?"

I told you other people didn't like me it hurts.

You said other people suck.

You told me I was one of a kind.

You told me other people did'nt matter

I had you and you had me.

We were so foolish back then.

But you left.

Without saying good bye.

I was left alone.

My numbers are down.

I think I will die.

I miss you.

We should've said good bye...

© 2020 Old Notebook Poetry

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