Updated on October 11, 2017
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Nestor is a student of university of benin,currently studying industrial chemistry,who believes his love for literary work came from God


I still remember how I started

It was beautiful
Sometimes i look back and which for that innocence
But alas its too late
I remember what mama said to me
She said
Son, you have a goal and a future
Don't lose sight of it
But oh i can't find it anywhere in my scope
You see i was deceived by what I saw
It was the first time I was out of the house
The sounds, the sights, the people
Oh the people
Who knew freedom could be so intoxicating
At first I kept my goal in sight
Straying but never going too far
But now
Its too late
I look back and I can't find my destination
I call out
Mummy where are you
Mummy save me
But I am scared
I lost my way
And wondered into a battle i knew nothing about
Hands covered in blood
And head bowed in shame
I cried
My legs lost the ability to hold me up
And i sit in disperse
Why did i ever listen to them
I never knew it will lead to this
I lost my way
But then i met him
He turned my life around
Set me on my feet
And told me my scares are beautiful
He changed my life
Who is he you ask
Well he is Jesus
I will never forget what what he said to me as i sat in desperation
He told me
go and achieve your dreams


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