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Stained Glass

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Can't stop looking at my phone,

Hoping you would call me when you get home.

Holding back the tears before it shed,

Terrified you'd leave a message I would dread.

I remember the first day that we met,

Your presence lingers inside my head.

Mesmerized when you smile back at me.

You said you fell first with my enchanting beauty.

Now, I'm bound to lose whatever we're supposed to have.

In this relationship, you're right...I thought it was love.

One-sided, out balanced and all lost control

You pushed my back and pressed it against the wall.

You knew I was hurt but you neglected what I felt.

You don't need me by your side, my heart crushed and melt.

Alone I have to deal with this pain,

Your feelings for me no longer remain.

Weeping silently at the corner of this room,

Shattered pieces, my world is in doom.

You'll never apologize for your mistakes,

You've shown an affection that's a million years fake.

I shall wipe my tears and won't press rewind.

I shall move forward, I'm no longer blind.

Don't doubt cause I'll be brave from now on...

Watch me, mark my words, I can move on.

© 2019 Janis

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