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I'm an educator with a poet's soul. Pen became my lover, ink became my blood. I put letters into words, abd those words became my life.

She's a happy soul,with an amazing heart,

Got a bright smile, she's a walking piece of art.

An optimist, beaming with pride,

Always believing God's always on her side.

She believed nothing will go wrong,

Everything in the world is lyrics to a beautiful song.

The world is a paradise, only happiness reside,

And life is one big rainbow slide.

Then she met Lies,

Feeding her false truth, thinking she isn't wise.

Still, she believed life's still perfect,

And Lies will never leave negative effect.

Here comes Pain,

A feeling that made her almost insane.

The bright smile faded, pride's been shattered,

The pieces of her whole being just scattered.

Still, life is wonderful she say,

It wouldn't be amazing w/o challenge anyway.

Rainbow always come after the rain,

And so she'll be happy after the pain.

Broken came last,

She thought it will be gone fast.

So she stays still, waiting in vain,

Hoping Broken won't have a gain.

Broken stays like a fish to a pond,

Its like trying to create a bond.

Little by little, her life was stolen,

And her whole being became Broken.

So many things life throws her way,

Its like proving, her reality is all astray.

There's lie, there's pain,

And then got broken but still sane.

Yes, she say, she might be broken,

But something inside her awakened.

Those she'd met, showed her undoubtedly,

That her soul can be BROKEN BEAUTIFULLY.