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Broken with lines

Olaoluwa is a pharmacy student of Federal university Oye ekiti, Nigeria. He is Strutting along life's road, striving,thriving and surviving


Broken with lines

I was a little over ten
But more wars had I seen than pens
When I was nine
All I heard were bombing in mines
A month after I became eight
Dad killed Mom, I learnt hate
Some days to being seven
Fever came, thought it was time for heaven
Yes I grew and became six
Racism and terrorism was the mix
Five years to becoming ten; five
My only toy and comfort was the beehive
On my journey to destination four
I saw dead bodies and blood on the floor
With innocency I became three
But could only scribble sketches of grief
I was just a growing child
A victim of circumstances

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Perfect gentleman (author) on September 20, 2021:


OLUSEGUN from NIGERIA on September 19, 2021:

Good work.

Esther on September 19, 2021:



Horfis on September 19, 2021:

Deep meaning

Uniquely wonderful

John on September 19, 2021:


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