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Broken but Healing

"I love you, i really do,

Won't do anything to hurt you."
And yet, i am here,
Caving with the pain i bear.

Way back, i had a great laugh,
And i was never this tough.
I had the biggest heart ready to trust,
An open arms, and a love that lasts.

Day by day, i know I've changed,
With all the lies and pain, my soul's in raged.
I used to trust with all my heart,
But it only broke my life apart.

People think you're crazy for doubting so much,
Without even thinking why there's such.
Nobody chose to be in that place,
Where you always have answers to chase.

It is dark, it is painful,
Feeling the fear of being lied to is so hateful.
My heart aches, my mind is wild,
Searching for answers i cannot find.

And yet, i always try,
I always try to trust, and ended up with tears to dry.
I pat myself each time i fail,
And told myself never to bail.

All i asked is a little understanding,
For i am trying to heal what others broke without even thinking.
I'm still a lost soul, with a broken trust,
But i know I'll make it, so I'm not in a rush.