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Broken and Shattered


I used to dream of love,

I thought it was all that mattered.

Then I feel in love with you,

Now my heart my heart lays broken and shattered.

You drug me through the sewer,

you ignored my cries for help.

You drug me through the fire,

you left me to burn in hell.

I never knew the reason,

and you never said, you laughed as I lay

broke and bleeding , my heart shattered in my hands.

The love that I thought we had is

nowhere to be found.

You harshly turned your back on me

as I curled up on the ground.

You walked away and left me,

dying, memories fading in my blood's spatter.

I closed my eyes and slipped away,

still holding my heart broken and shattered.

© 2022 christalluna1124

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