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Broken Road

A lecturer by profession and a poem writer at heart. I started writing since high school. Now, some of them turned into a beautiful songs.


What if death take you to life once more?

I fell from the cliff so hard
Landed dumfounded
Fractured and wounded
Everything gets blurred

Could it be my last breath?
Can I vividly see one more time?
The road that gave me this dead end
Before taking me to Lethe

I heard somebody coming
With all the darkness I'm seeing
Felt my body is floating
Clueless of where I might be taken

Am I being rescued?
I was trying to runaway
Living, going back is making me scared
Can he just left me and let me go away?

My body began to feel warm
Eyes were opened and mouth started to hum
His smile swept away all the uncertainty
It was welcoming that brings back my sanity

Fractured were recovered
Broken heart was sewn
That broken road that led me to you
Brought me life to fall in love again

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