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Broken Hope in a Pure Land

I've many friends living in this area and many wanting to get out, their best and brightest.

Karakorum Highway

Karakorum Highway

Broken Hope in a Pure Land

Broken Hope in a Pure Land

Entire armies serving themselves
Eating the flesh and bones of grace
Breaking the last limbs of faith
Taking the last song and
Disbursing its notes over deserts

A nation in disarray
But the army is perfect and clean
Scattered, broken hearts
Whose blood drains
On a nation that got confused

Where is this map the Father
And the Sister drew for you?
High hopes, the plans were drawn
Now zealot landlords curse you.
But what did you do? Why did u repent?

How can mercy come?
When you are in a state of worthlessness
Mullas rule under the guise of truth
People, pull back this veil of dogma
Look through the eyes of hope again

Reclaim your worth
Dismantle the shackles of the extreme
Reclaim your stolen lands
Rise to the heights of the mountains
Pristine, clean and long living


BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on January 27, 2021:

The words are quite good, but I don't know enough about this war of giving up land.

Nice style though

Linda Kloss (author) from Corpus Christi on January 27, 2021:

thank you. I am very sorry I am only replying just now. As this is the first time to see it !

thank you again

Mark Tulin from Palm Springs, California on June 06, 2019:

Beautiful meter, rhythm and metaphor. Inspiring the strength of one’s faith

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