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Broken Angel Wings

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The wings may be broken

but the angel still flies.

Soaring high into the skies.

Looking and seeing everything

that is around her.

The wings maybe damaged

but even then the angel

soars finding comfort

amongst the clouds and

those who care for her.

The wings maybe tethered

but even with them shattered

the wind still catches.

Soaring higher into the skies.

Then making the descent

down the stairway of life.

Finding herself, exploring

what's around her.

Discovering that even with

broken wings she can still

soar as high as she wishes.

Discovering that even though

her wings are tethered she

still can hold her head up high.

Even with her broken wings

she soars high above the

clouds, higher still then even

she knew that she could

go to get lost amongst a

world where she can

feel secure and safe without

all of the pain that is

cast inside of her head.

The wings of the angel

may be tethered and torn

but her heart is now

free and her head is

now clearer than it

has ever been before.

The wings may be battered

but the soul is shiny and bright.

Having descended the steps

leading to the higher place

a place of surrender and

a place of peace within

her broken soul.

The wings may be shattered

but the Angel still stands

just as tall as if her wings

had never broken.

Martina McBride - A Broken Wing

© 2020 Emily