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Brink of Desolation

This poem is meaningful at present during the Covid 19 pandemic that has engulfed the entire world.

Abundance of Dearth

No more do the raindrops drench the mother-earth
The crust of earth is withered like the hearth
Soil loses fertility and life loses mirth
Luxuriance is conspicuous by its absence
If anything exists, it is the abundance of dearth

Paucity is rampant left right and centre
Nature renders a bleak and barren look
Cities look like the factories emitting smoke
Villages appear hollow, empty and desolate
Humans are the walking shadows devoid of emotions
Life seems to have reached the brink of desolation

Autumn does symbolize the crisis of today's life
When people's laughter resound with painful cries
Dust in air is nothing less than the rust on human soul
That, encumbered with dross, is not any longer pure
The only hope consists in the blessing from Above
That, though forgotten now, can be the only cure
To purge the human soul of all that is impure.

© 2020 Dev Kant Sharma

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