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Bring Us Back

Febelyn is a campus paper, and English literary editor during her high school and present college year.

Bring us back …..

Where feet can dance in the ballroom of liberty

Where every groove can pave felicity

Where words can be heard behind hard walls

Where we can utter the rights we are lacking

Bring us back …..

Where we live in fitful steel of our stands

And the miasma of a plutocrat shocked worthless

Where deep dreams can fly to the sky

And buried small voices become thunder!

Bring us back …..

Where flags are not withered away by storms

And its fragile fragments will stand behind fake benevolence

Where everybody is truly free in life

And media is unbiased in any form

Bring us back…..

Where smiles can't be masked for fame

And laughter is very much genuine

Where politics is never an issue

And illegal gifts are not given away

Where we humans, are still humans of our own democracy.

© 2022 Febelyn Tagalogon

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