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Bring It on Despite Yourself


Bring it on despite yourself,

Escape your ill intentions,

No room for low self-esteem,

And all the misperceptions.

Bring it on encourage good.

Let negative vibes depart.

Brace against the wickedness,

With a grateful giving heart.


Bring it on avoid harsh words,

Your wise beyond your years.

Listen not to evil thoughts,

Be careful what you hear.

Those that only see your flaws,

Have looked the wrong direction.

If trash is all their mouth can say,

Then give them no affections.


Be kind as kind can be to them.

Good guidance you must show.

You can’t control what others do.

Trust in you and what you know.

Positive connections deserve,

Positive ways of thinking.

Bring it on with all you do,

As success is in the making.

© 2022 Diana L Pierce

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