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Bring Forth a Garden of Love to Enchant The Soul

Manatita is an esteemed author living in London, UK. He writes spiritual books, flash fiction and esoteric poetry, his favourite genre.


Bring Forth a Garden of Love to Enchant The Soul

The Seeress said: “It is not always wise,

To follow a crowd of seeming reason.

The end may appear to justify the means,

But the resultant conquest, may bear a heavy price,

Of chaos and countless suffering.

Success may bring temporary peace,

But Peace itself, is a supernal victory.

Should the voice of might descend on a city,

It will only leave shadows and shattered dreams.

The cries of the Heart will reverberate,

Carrying an ocean of tears to distant lands.

O Lantern, torrential rain will not dry the soil;

Fire will only burn brighter in fire.

Bring forth a garden of Love, to enchant the soul.”

-Manatita, The Lantern Carrier, 13th August, 2017.

~ Awakening The Inner Light ~


A Collection of Shadows

Papers, papers; articles from auctions,

Facebook, Twitter and internet results.

Cobwebs, darkness; a mind of collections,

Despair and desire, their sorrowful scouts.

Culture, dogma; doctrine ingrained,

Habits and pleasures, again and again.

Family, environment; moving trains,

Serving the patterns, that causes the pain.

Transient attachments and fanciful cars,

Antique magazines; intellect’s garage.

Gluttony; loneliness, sickness and wars,

Pockets of darkness and mental discharge.

Papers, Papers; articles from auctions,

Cobwebs, darkness; a mind of collections.

-Manatita, The Lantern Carrier. 3rd December, 2017.

~Awakening The Inner Light ~


My Enchanting Beauty

She came … a beauty so enchanting,

That my speech failed; my tongue subdued,

By the magical strands of her aura.

She fed me with cinnamon ice cream,

Flooded my Heart with golden Light,

As we waltzed beneath the blazing surface of the sun.

On that memorable day, we dined with lips on fire,

Fed by a mellifluous Love so powerful,

That I was transfixed by its Delight.

I held her delicate hands, as we drifted sweetly,

On wings of zephyrs and golden rain.

With breath transposed on the starlit lap of twilight,

We rode on radiant lanterns,

To gaze in awe on the pinnacle-lustre of the moon.

-Manatita, The Lantern Carrier, 26th August, 2017.

Hafiz poetry

The Light of beauty

© 2017 manatita44

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