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Brighter Tomorrow

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BeckyTP formally known as Rebecca Moraa is a student at Moi University Main Campus Kenya. My passion in poetry grew in primary school.


Thanks homie a bunch
Guess i owe you lunch
The praise turns me crunch
Unbreakable harder than fig branch

You never owe me a thing
Not in the world of being
You deserve the praise
For the write ups you raise

We need to make these words right
The art is part of my sight
Makes me feel like a knight
And want to forget about last night

They just have my happiness
All out of nothingness
They calm down my craziness
Just before I get off to madness

I love it when you are mad
Reminds me the crazy memories we had
Making school not that bad
U taught me to play right my card

You told me we won't die
We just had to go and lie
So we could get time to tie
All we had on the list to buy

We won't die we are the future
We are immortals forget nature
Make our tomorrow a clearer picture
Hard work remember its our culture

We never got off laid
Neither could we ever be swayed
Because I always prayed
That we should never get played

And thats why all they do is hate
And everything you do they rate
But remember homie u were my best mate
Twisted everything our way including fate

I long to see the day
When for their stupidity they pay
For keeping us long at bay
From where our beautiful destiny lay

And that day is coming soon
We will be watching from the moon
To make them pay we need no goon
Just inflate them like they're a balloon.

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