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This day, more beautiful in every way, each one is brighter,

At every dawning to be more lovely than one, a day before.

The enormity of its most billowing clouds all so much whiter,

With such gratitude, we wait to see the new day has in store.

All brilliance of the world, and of its most awe-inspiring sight,

Put on a canvas by an artist, then is captured in all his might.

Colors are of a radiance, that only our God has helped create,

Drawn from the palette of the morning sun, ours to appreciate.


Our grand Maker of all in the heavens has given us our eyes,

So that each one on earth may envision His gift, be apprised.

Every creature is blessed to see its beauty, each new surprise,

After the setting sun and night flies. the new day is crystallized.

As the earth, our own planet in the cosmos does twirl and spin,

About our radiant star, the sun, the source of our light, to send.

In the solar system of a galaxy, a part of its mothering universe,

A wondrous and most beautiful architecture its beginning to end.


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