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Bright Light

I can't tell you what's in my soul
I'm listening as best as I can
What is it that I fight so much
Inside a gift only God can understand

I hear a song and something happens
It's a feeling that loves with no grudge
I try to take it with me wherever I go
I lose it sometimes, that's when I judge

I can't sleep so many nights
I have to stay up to make myself right
How many mistakes have I made
By the sun's bright light?

I can't tell you what's in my heart
But you remind me when I see you
It's like a new year, another chance
Inside of me, hope tells me it's true

I can't stay awake so many days
I have to sleep and dream myself right
How many times have I worked too hard
By the sun's bright light?

A bright light
You just can't tell
If it will ever come back around
A bright light
The one that fell
When you decided not to come around

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