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Bride - Poem

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Jo loves writing, she admires the escape to far off places. She valued it so much that she is studying the arts of creative writing.


When I was a little girl
My mom took me to a wedding,
I didn't know why I was there
Or what they were saying,

There was happiness I didn't understand
Some people were even in tears,
There was a man in a black suit smiling
As the pretty lady in white appears,

Her flowing white dress
Stretched far behind her,
She held a large bouquet
Her beauty matching each flower,

She seemed to be glowing
Like she was the light of the room,
People awed at the sight of her
Even the groom.

And as the ceremony went on
This excitement began to grow,
Like they were coming close
To the best life they would know,

"With a kiss they sealed it all"
Mom whispered to me,
It was truly the most beautiful thing
I ever did see,

I been to many more weddings
Since that first one,
I get why they do certain things
But the feeling of it, I had none.

I didnt know what it felt like
To stand up there,
I didnt get why they handled the bride
With so much love and care,

I wouldn't have known
Why with a veil she hid her face,
Until this moment right now
As im standing in her place,

So this is what it feels like
To be the center of it all,
All the love and joy and pride
Shared among people in this hall,

This is the day I've been dreaming of
To begin a new life,
To look at the groom
Who's undying love is making me his wife.

And as I gaze into his eyes
I know I want this ride,
Knowing no matter how far my journey goes
I will always be his Bride.

© 2022 Jo

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