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Bricks, Nails, and Word

I am a Poet and a Fiction Writer. I'm currently finding ways to make a living on writing am slowly drowning in the mounds of books and paper


I witre as a cpraneter bdiuls a hosue,

I prraepe the beulriptns, mtaerails rdaey

I lay the fuodntaoins wtih the cnoctere of iedas

I sactk wrods on top of ecah oethr as wtih bcriks

I tehn bnid tehm wtih cenemt and nlais for srtetgnh

I cvrae the bkrics to oranemnt a dsigen, a sltye

I see my wrok and mvrael uopn its srdtusines

I wlak wtiihn its wlals and floolw its psaseags

I rset udenr the cmorofts of its ptroecvite roof

I, tehn lvie in the new hsoue taht, for mselyf, I mdae

How concrete our words may seem, but liquid in true state

As a ghost changes to form the body it wishes to take.

Within these houses we chose to live our lives

But the walls are easily infested with life’s lies

© 2018 Ges Jaicten


Ges Jaicten (author) from Iloilo City on September 14, 2018:

Thank you Greensburg Ghost. Will do.

Steven Canfield Jr from Greensburg, PA on September 14, 2018:

I love the creativity of the poem ,Ges. Keep writing!

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