Brianna Simmons Ch. 6

Updated on April 8, 2018


As she watches Adam walk out of the door to her father’s study Brianna does not know rather to scream at her parents or run out of the room crying. Finally, she makes up her mind. Thinking about all the trouble they caused in just a matter of seconds Brianna spins around and glares at her parents. She speaks to them in a tone that does not portray any hurt only anger. “I really cannot believe you did that.” Brianna says to her parents.

“Darling, we did what was best.” Answers Mr. Simmons.

“What was best?” askes Brianna her anger rising by the moment.

“Yes, dear,” spoke up Ms. Simmons “What was best was that you got rid of that boy while you had the chance and was still able to find a suitable one. Thanks to Dawn we found out about last night.”

“Dawn? She told you about last night?” asks Brianna while she thinks “I am going to get that lying witch.”

“Yes, Brianna! She told us.” Answers her mother watching her daughters face slowly change from anger to pure madness.

“Oh my god!” replies Brianna cautiously “I cannot believe this.”

“Neither could we when she told us.” Replies Ms. Simmons.

“That is not what I cannot believe. Mama, what I cannot believe is that you and papa would believe her without talking to me first.” Answers Brianna as she heads for the door stopping just as she gets to it. “It does not matter. All that matters is that I am going to be with Adam and I do not care what you or papa says.”

“Brianna, if you go out that door and chase after that boy you can forget about ever coming back home.” Said Mr. Simmons sharply.

“Fine with me!” answers Brianna “That means I will not have to worry about you and mama coming to my wedding either and I assure you there will be a wedding with Adam as the groom and me as the bride.”

Brianna exits the room then and lets the door slam behind her. As her parents stare after her. Then they turn and look at each other. “Greg, do you think we did the right thing… I mean she really seems to be in love with that boy.” Says Helen Simmons.

“Helen, that kid is nothing but a no good social climber. He will tell Brianna anything to get her to love him, but he is probably after one thing and that is her money.” Answers Greg Simmons softly.

“Yes, darling. I do suppose you are right.” Whispers Helen quietly.

Helen turns and walks out of the office then to let her husband work. She walks out into the hall and looks out the front window. She stands there thinking to herself as she watches her eldest child pull her car out of the driveway and head down the street back toward town. The she shifts her attention to look at her little boy. Standing there quietly wondering how everything could have possibly gone so wrong in just one single instant of the morning.

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