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Breezy and So Perfect

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What An Amazing Day

The cool air circulating like an invisible silent motorized fan

Our own being tossed in a snow globe

Where everything is moved around

Each untimely woosh

Lovely patting across my face

The smell of rain in the air

Refreshing little droplets

Wonderful talented dancers performing on top of my skin

The tallest trees bowing to their majesty

The sky darker their usual

Calming the world of all it's brightness

Soothing in so many ways

Whimsical at best

An early morning cricket serenade

What's not to love

The bells and chimes of my hanging marching band

Sounding off in sweet harmony

My two curtains pushed back constantly

Revealing the opening act of the worlds greatest stage

The birds chirping so quietly almost silent

Then a little louder and more often

Reminding us of all the complexities of life

As a chill surges through my body

Quicker than lightning can strike

Both my finger tips and feet tingling simultaneously

Filling my whole body with joy

From awake to sleep

Each time more empowered and conditioned

To welcome the impossible

An owl now sounding off like a trumpets blare

The morning light guiding us in a new direction

For what's to come is only a sample of all that is magnificent

As a crow carefully selects everyone who is not listening

To wake up and welcome this incredible day

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