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Joy to The World! Creative Writing

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Love is behind every heroic action, self-sacrifice, and altruistic act. Undying love is endless in its memory and actions. Love is soul-food

Joy To The World!


Joy To The World!

Below “Joy To The World” include four small rhyming poems that I hope you will enjoy. I am glad to have you here, and thoroughly enjoy your visit!

Joy To The World!

I threw a handful of white confetti

up into the air.

As I did so, the confetti turned into richly deep-blue sparkles,

bringing a certain peace upon the entire world.

This peace, (just like the richly deep-blue sparkles),

was unobstructed and luminously pure.

As the shimmering, royal blue sparkles floated down

from the sky, they turned back into white confetti, again,

and the peace of the world could not sustain itself.

But, for that very moment in which such a crystalline blessing

had graced the earth, it was enchantingly sublime- entirely perfect;

and this peace was whisper-soft

and breathlessly pure.


Joy To The World

Joy To The World!

My soul can see those things which my eyes are unable to behold.

Telling Time

Time moves


this is




But, in only

a minute's time,

there is so much

that we can

each do!


So, do it :-)

The Happy Guard Dog


I have a dog

that will protect

me from intruders

without any fail,


She will


each predator,


with her


wagging tail.


So, watch out.

Ginger & Skylar

Happy Guard Dog and Cat

Happy Guard Dog and Cat

Miracles of Nature

Freely, the rain pours down,

quenching the thirst

of the most driest of lands.


Tiny new shoots of growth

spring forth, everywhere,

green and plush; alive!


Yet, not more recognized,

are these newly sprouted miracles,

than by the grounds

that were once the most barren, and destitute.


Faraway Land


in a faraway land

before time,

there is a place

where rhythm

is forbidden,

and so is any

bit of rhyme.


I never go there.

Joy To The World!

You will show me the path of life. In your presence is fullness of joy. In your right hand there are pleasures forever more.

— Psalm 16:11

Joy To The World!

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