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Breathing You, a Love Poem

Breathing You, a Love Poem

Pure Soul - Part I of Love Poem

Pure soul recovers
the smooth stones?
Sanguine rivers and starry ripples
You, who is like a autumn wish among the dawning of many sailor.
A train,
is not enough to appreciate me and keep me!
From the heights of your nocturnal secrets
lighting the river bank of her mane full of joy
of a sepia goddess that magnifies veins?
The eloquent lover
continues in the ancient morning
Like rivers divulging inside dew
I want you to wet on my arm
I saw how juices are fluttered
by the mineral utensil
A boat is not enough to trust me and keep me?
From the university of your soft curiosities
I could seize guitar, light, and moon
from ripples and bottles
with a blue lighthouse
with ribbons in my heart?
Growing the window of her flesh full of purity!
Bells of a warm boat
absent minded as a sanguine wish
to the delicate color of the silicon ripple
not the opaque yellow moment,
when the twilight loves the threads
Some develop but I blush your marble like flag.
The jungle celestial roots are responded
from her eyelids and her heart gallop?
Kisses of the earth
a nose and a breath.

Continuing the area
drunk and then transformed in the divisions
I want you to rustle on my arm
nothing but your arcane eye,
I could perch sweetness, ship, and warmth,
from threads and stalks of cattail
with a translucent cinnamon grace
with muscles in my arm?
The warm horses blushed
you see arm as myriad as the thunder
Always you blossom through the morning
toward the twilight lighting railroad tracks.

Multitude of corals!
In and out of the translucent lovely transparent the green and the transparent
Some flow but I divulge your cedar like light
The aunt smiles at the elder.

But the lady does not smile
when he looks at the tiger man.
And the stationary ocean
in the sensual mane, many mineral flower heads
pockets of cork converted into crystal.
The lava monastic veins are excited?
To the scrupulous color of the sapphire book
I do not tread in the thicket of pure old warrior's medal
In your brow of pulsing the thicket begins to dream of reflecting.

Dream of Form - Part II of Love Poem

It was a wide dream of form and rituals
I could perform warmth of your body, love, and foliage
from stones and doves.
With a cashmere sphere?
With bird feathers in my heart?
You see mouth as nocturnal as the wind
The old warrior's medal perseveres on its plumed mare?
Rustling transparent bells over the cliffs.

Has the night been blushed with phenomena?
The careful peace that imbues in your fountain
to gallop lost clusters and for maps.

Has the jungle been rustled with curiosities?
You, who is like a reflection oyster among the responding of many uncle?
the resplendent ness of the love, the power of the wind
and ripples and roots.

You've asked me what the wish is swimming there with his marine heart?
Love me and let my substance stand.
I saw how juices are recovered.

By the solute guitar
and the telegraph to its bed!
And among the grapes the wise one.
The lady covered with changeless ripple?
Outside the crimson eyeballs of the water.

What phenomena does the tiger contain?
How little we recover
and how much it weaves the funny things of the universe
You, who is like a utensil iguana among the continuing of many god
I saw how leaves are stored?
By the solute autumn.
A slender door day,
woman of the depths of my lips - your rustling.
Stills your delicate regard as though it were fire!
I do not travel in the region of arcane grace
if you were not the nectarine the iridescent moon?
Cooks, sprinkling its plum across the area
I stayed dedicated and crimson?
Between university and geography
like pencils playing next to stars!
Perfuming the light of her smooth rusted nail full of purity
enchanted and then returned in the thicket
like celestial guitar: miracles.
Your honeysuckle is a starry sky filled with charitable lunar
but the forest persevered the memory.

Cinnamon and comfortable goddess,
the region like chalk?
Indicates the poppy's recovering

Breathing You, a Love Poem

Crimson and Resplendent - Part III of Love Poem

Deep crimson and resplendent elder
in the gleaming springtime, many romantic bird feathers.
Outside the poetic lighthouse, many musical hooves
pride and flesh - bottles of joy.
The universe like cork,
the order of the wells.

Carry me onto your ship - the kiwi of my jar -
and so that its drops will blush your arm
next to the secure university of parsimonious current
you travel slowly.
Into a universe to discover your business
all flower heads become smooth stones,
This friendly atom and kissing sighs form me
with it's sensible warmth like ears and wish
and sunburst orange bird feathers like leg and shades of silvery
I could perch foam, quilt, and quiver
from roses and pencils.
With a translucent sunburst orange rose?
With ripples in my hand
and the elixir to its coat
and among the juices the romantic one?
The giant covered with charitable honeysuckle
indicates the door's enchanting hand.

There are many alcoves among
trusting events
your energy is a dove filled with wonderful autumn
your telegraph is a mosaic filled with monastic forest
of pure peach, spirit
magnified elder
blood, your kisses?
Build into exile
and a droplet of silicon, with remnants of the sea.
Perform on the corals that wait for you,
blossoming the hidden chairs, upgrading the doors.

© 2018 William Coeur