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Breathing Smoke

Bleeding on paper Sometimes it just needs to get out, to be written, to bleed onto paper. This poem bled onto paper after a vivid dream!

by Sergey Kamarov

by Sergey Kamarov

Breathing Smoke

I Breathe but my lungs won't expand

you are like smoke

I cough and choke on what used to be my antidote

There's no savior for us

no passing this test

especially since there is nothing left

I close my eyes and struggle to find

the peace that used to lay inside

what is there's to see

when we have both gone blind

My arms stretch out

There's nothing to grab

No sea or dry land

I slip and fall

my everything crumbles away

I have no energy left today

Send me a storm

A cleansing rain

to wash away

what I thought remained

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