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Breathe Baby

Read as a song/duet male/female

*Solo tempo female slow almost 'rap'*
Sittin' here just thinkin-
Lots of thoughts *kinda chuckle/sly smile*-bettween the pain I feel all over that radiates all through my veins
To the mental anguish my imagination sometimes can create.
It's all a wonder, why most turn to drinkin
It's all this....stupid thinkin....
It all takes a huge toll
Breathe-- oooh breathe....
On all of my whole being- yes it takes a part my very soul...
To keep on--- keep on continuin--
Without everyone seein
The disaster that lies inside, just under my skin--
*Male starts 'rappin'*
Each only see the brave face
And few see the underlying battle that lyes within.....
*Duet harmonious, male & female*
All know the end comes around for us all
When it's our turn and times been called
*Male only- 'rappin'*
Ain't no getting that currency returned
infact-no- that cents don't exist-make sense?
I don't understand--- how anyone---can point and judge and redicule
as if they're so much better or the acceptance to this rule?
*Female pickes tempo up 2 beats- 'rappin'*
How, why, and for what reason
Gives any of yours the upper hand
When we others are silently screaming for just a helping hand?
*Male joins, keeps same tempo, 'rappin'. Now harmonious*
We've all been there *female breaks off-male keeps tempo rapin'* some have at least twice been down and out and broke
All these real people problems man they ain't no joke
Breathe---- just breathe *women 2nd soprano* oooh take a breath in goes the good a d blow out the bad
Breath baby justtttt breathe----
Soon enough you will clearly see that rainbow
Can only be enjoyed after the storm-yeahh the sky don't have to be clear.
*Male keeps tempo and raps*
Remember this my dear-
If nothing else
Before you leave this world
Make the moments remembered time well spent
Cuz' when the bills ready and waiting for you to pay up; you can proudly say,
" I have no regrets, the years have all been time well spent"
*Ends in duet male/female*
So breathe baby
*Female strong hard solid*

© 2022 Britt Smith AKA Bobbi Stryde

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