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Breathe to Repent - Repent to Breathe


I must repent to breathe, and breathe to repent,
to make breath complete,
Atoning, and amending is my daily portion,
Both work hand and hand,
just like left hand, and right hand usage,
Although, lost in translation, is that one hand is more dominant than the other,
Why? This is contingent upon usage, what I do with my hands,
I must engage both hands in an activity, for the completion of movement, that pertains to hands,

Feet, I need both at all times, to stand, and to walk,
otherwise immobility sets in as the result,
if I desire to be heard, I must listen too,
with the breath I have inherited to inform myself,
Breath is an inheritance, given by virtue of form, to perform accordingly,
it has to be an individual reality, before it can be a collective one,
One must be a soloist, not a choir member,
before singing in harmony with others,

Surely you must rehearse your own part,
Breath was either shapened in iniquities, or law,
I trust the latter alongside all the other provisions created, and formed,
distinction between these two shape my reality,
Mercy, judgment, grace, truth, love, peace, joy, hope, and mostly repentance,
to speak and hear,
Communication is not satisfied when one speaks and one doesn’t listen,
with the intent to hear,
Prophets, prophetesses, teachers,and preachers have all embarked upon the same premise,

In order to convey a truth, or an ideal, not to produce an idol,
through breath, words, or voice of intent,
Minding words, and words minding me is a rich endeavor,
it is called thinking, true freedom is to breathe,
Past attempts and events are like looking in the rear view mirror,
the distance is fleeting and foggy,
yet, there is something seen that the memory can recount vaguely,
Breath has a record of every detail, those details can be buried with and without breath eventually,
The expression for breath is really internal first, private,

Like the secret closet, Jesus spoke of, no-one is allowed there, besides you,
breath isn’t traceable for anyone else but God,
It isn’t easy to phantom a God whose dwelling place is beyond time,
Who speaks from eternity, into time,
is speaking through breath to me,
Casting down every imagination that exalts itself against this reality,
Is what breath does daily, not to be contaminated by words which are lost in space,

Bad words invade internal space, good words set breath free, Words can be both good, and bad, but to breathe can only be right to do,
It is how to breathe when God is part of my equation, repentantly, I will set time, to the music which only breath can orchestrate,

To humble myself to pray, as well as and pray,
by repenting always towards rethinking,
what I am doing, and saying, at all times,
Breathing to repent, and repenting to breathe correctly,
because it is right to breathe, and breathing is right.