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Breathe Now - Breathe Again


Breathe again, speaks of a repetition of something done formerly,

It is something that consciously and unconsciously

occurs and is concurrent,

existing, happening, or done at the same time;

We recognize this process as breathing,

inhaling and exhaling,

which the calculations or mathematics of,

requires technology or a machine to exact the ratio of breathing;

Mysterious is breath!

Unseen, yet heard on different frequencies;

Breathing is one of the most overlooked experiences,

I can recount in my own lifespan,

taking it for granted up until breath is on the line;

Why? Not knowing something is missing,

concerning this pragmatic and vital experience,

done without any real effort,

It happens or defaults to a subconscious sequence of events;

It is ironic that something this necessary can be overlooked,

The concern rises when breath is or can be obstructed in any way,

Shortness of breath must be the most alarming thing,

of all of the breathing dynamics a human body has to deal with;

What about not having the correct established purpose,

for the use of breath?

Breathe again, speaks and signifies the anticipation of the next breath,

But, to breathe is intentional, and not just potential,

Oh, that I had known in sundry times,

How precious breath truly is to living,

My road as it is winding down,

Who am I kidding, not me;

I can and will repent for the vanity of its use,

Breath’s purpose is to breathe,

It was not given for vainglory,

Its purpose is exponential.

Needed for words, thoughts, organs,

To go, come, sit, stand, lay and rise,

To sleep, dream, smile and laugh,

To cry, grieve, mourn, and weep,

For happy and sad, better or worst,

sickness and health, richer or poorer,

It is even used to be angry and mad,

Breath has endured it all,

It's no wonder the body that houses it can get tired,

Breathe didn’t leave when trials and tribulation came;

It remained faithful like the friend I always wanted,

Breath is needed for all endeavors,

No deed can be accomplished without it,

No words can be spoken or unspoken,

Breath is what gives life purpose,

With life you can always breathe again,

Conscious and aware to make breath count,

by repenting and not venting,

allowing breath to rest in the silence that is quiet.

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