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Breathe Now


“Breathe Now”

Now breath, is the substance used for all things breathed,

Breath is an enabler of both words and voice,

Spoken and unspoken words are impossible without what? Breath!

To put it another way, inhale and exhale, try it;

You do not have to try, it, is automatic,

Breath can be and is evidence of the things not seen;

Breath cannot be seen with the physical eye or sight,

likened to the wind that blows, the effects of it can only be seen

upon things under the wind's force;

Words and voices can only be uttered and heard under the power of breath:

Where it comes from or goes can’t be seen, yet, the wind can be heard,

So can windy words, the damage caused can only be seen in the aftermath;

Kind words as well, the glory and presence of all the virtuous attributes manifest,

“The wind bloweth where it listeth, and thou hearest the sound thereof,

but canst not tell whence it cometh, and whither it goeth:

so is every one that is born of the Spirit.” John 3:8 - KJV

Everyone is born with breath, or born with a spirit,

but, the spirit is separated from the purposed will of the maker;

Without breath or spirit, there would be no life, not even for soul,

Breath is necessary for the soul to live, this will always be a

(Breathe now experience):

An incentive or action; the now is breath reality; and

its manifestation while there is breath;

It is unfortunate that the focus of the now or presently concerning breath,

Is the "pandemic";

When the pivotal point should be repentance, and

how to clean up the breath from within; this is spiritual first;

The disease does affect the breath, its path after, the vital organs,

Health is about breathing, and being enabled to do it correctly;

As effortlessly, as it was given and received,

One day we just began to freely breathe in this world,

There is no breath day, we call it a birthday:

As the babe, and on and on,

As the adult those challenges are noted accordingly;

How does one avoid the destruction embedded in this virus,

Is known yet, unknown! This provides nothing to give those grieving losses,

Isn't the freedom of speech really dependent upon the freedom to breathe?

What a mystery!

Where it came from in order to live, and where it goes to experience death,

Sin, and unrepentance were the viruses in sundry times, their hauntings,

not even ghost busters could site; Only the Holy Spirit

Only breath, created and formed inherited the purpose,

Now breathe, breathe now, is the concern,

it can no longer be ignore; Why?

The removal of eases, the virus has dissed;

Dis-ease is in active motion, calamitous,

Breath and faith is the substance that is to the avail for us all,

It is the how to access the assistance for all that is more than every disease;

We are given this treasure called breath

that has the propensity to direct us towards the Creator;

Repentance is needed to believe, if it can be perceived,

that the Creator who created everything, check the design,

could have possibly created disease,

Affirmative action is applicable for healing only;

However, human beings will have to take responsibility for their belief,

Held accountable under their own consciousness to repent,

Not for the purpose of guilt or condemnation,

But, rather, all being contributors in one way or the other,

Owning only the part responsible for,

Allowance of separation from the breath authorized for use by the Creator,

Believing in the absolute correction of the errors or mistakes,

Even when what we know is a variable affirming merely prevention,

not believing in the errors, nor the mistakes diseases dole out,

Breathe now, and repent now are parts of the daily sacrifice needed

to free your breath and soul to lead you to your destination,

Freedom from all the contamination's and accusations, in which,

Forgiveness pardons and acquits you from,

Today is the day of salvation, everyday is, as long as there is breath,

along with how to use it, while there is still the daily portion of breath,

Mind over matter is a little simplistic for such a massive scope,

Moreover, thinking will have to be part of the individual remedy,

for it to be a collective reality.

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