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Breaking Free from the Shadows

Hi! I'm Jenevieve and I am an aspiring story writer! I write fictions, romance, gender equality stories, love stories and poems!

The shadows in past, I thought would last

But the shadows have passed

Light has slowly creeping though my eyes

Creating new hope in my life

O why did I let the shadow overtake my life?

I've missed the happiness given by the Lord!

The broken pieces cut my wings, I thought I'm ceased to fly

But God has given me reason to live a happy life in this world!

Come now, dearest broken person!

Life has given us darkness, but you have to be strong!

Life is a challenge we have to conquer everyday

Life is no darkness, Life is a play!

Learn to surf the waves of the ocean

Dance with the blow of the wind

Sing to the hums of the birds and grin!

Be positive like Jack in the Pirates of the Caribbean

Stand up and clean the broken glass

Throw it in the depths of nothingness

Held you head high and don't be embarrassed

Because we are not broken, We are everyone's happiness!

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