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Break the Shell and Evolve

Anupam, an English teacher, is extremely sensitive & expresses her emotions in poems. She is pursuing Masters in Psychology at present.


A Poem in Rictameter

Rictameter is a nine lined scheme starting with a two-syllable word in the first line. Then from the second line, the number of syllables per line is increased consequently by two. i.e. 2, 4, 6, 8, 10. From the sixth line, the number of the syllable is decreased by two i.e. 8, 6, 4, 2 making the final line the same two-syllable word you began with.


to flourish more

Breaking strong shells of yours

That imprisons in thoughts forlorn

Making you the victim of regrets own.

Leave the regular routines slow

To move ahead and grow

With inner glow


The Brevette

The Brevette, poem consists of three words in a sequence. The first line is a subject, second is a verb, and the third line is an object. It was created by Emily Romano. There are only three words in the poem, giving it the title Brevette.

1. Everyone



2. Eyes



3. Lovers







My Epitaph

No worries

When the entry of wind be blocked

The breathless body will be burned

The senses, muscle, bones and blood

Every part will be adrift and soiled.

All its possessions will stay

Except the owner of this bodyI

It will leave for the same way

From where it started its journey.

Oh dear beloved,

I know my memories will be faded

I know I'll be a forgotten history

But the things that still remain

Are the divine deeds of mine.

© 2020 Anupam Mitu