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Braving Darkness

Febelyn is a campus paper, and English literary editor during her high school and present college year.

Here I am tiptoeing in the dark

Hearing how the dogs bark

Smelling the anguish blood in my heart

Blanketed with the cold breeze around

Whispering beside me the sign of agony

Oh! Thorns of many roses, Fall on me!

Beneath my heart is a melancholic song

“Help me to go out” It whispered for so long

Hue in my life is darkly scattered

And justice in the surrounding has already been tampered

In lieu of caring, people are so selfish

I am so weary. Can you please lend some help?

While my hands are reaching,

A glorious hand appeared

All the zephyrs ended abruptly

I felt the comfort inside me

He who tames my heart

Sent compassion behind my innocence

I uttered “Who are you? Thank You!

He said, “I'm here for you, I Love You!”


© 2022 Febelyn Tagalogon

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