From The Demented Mind of Me..... Brains

Updated on June 29, 2018
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Not to sound boastful. Really, I'm quite bashful. When I'm not being theatrical. There is not a volume large enough to contain my decibel

This is MY Brain. Does it matter if it's on drugs?

Think about your Brain... What qualifies it as sane?

I thought about mine and put it to poetic rhyme...

Your Brain can't be simulated or re-created.

Get stimulated. Much anticipated. I even just salivated.

When it comes to MY Brain, don't be intimidated.

But this is what I've contemplated.

MY Brain is tormented, demented and dilapidated.

It is augmented, fragmented, deteriorated and dented.

It's got enough holes to be aerated but the edges are still sharp enough to be serrated.

MY Brain is emancipated and liberated however that can be debated because it feels incarcerated.

Let's communicate. My Brain is irate. I will elaborate, enunciate and reiterate.

MY Brain was instigated, lured in, master-baited.

It was followed, tailgated and infiltrated.

Now it's being dictated, monitored and manipulated.

Or so it's speculated...

Yet it's MY Brain that's investigated and incriminated!

MY Brain has been mandated and legislated but still has not cooperated or collaborated.

It will never be incorporated. That's outdated and overrated.

MY Brain is irritated from being congested and constantly constipated.

The voices have immigrated. MY Brain is over populated and being segregated.

Somebody please! Extricate it!

MY Brain has been fumigated but they failed to inoculate it.

MY Brain is being suffocated and dehydrated, bordering emaciated.

Somebody please! Hydrate it!

It needs to be rejuvenated and pollinated.

MY Brain has been under and over inflated, alienated, loved and hated.

It's tainted and jaded.

MY Brain has fornicated. It has been gyrated, x-rated, and sexually frustrated...

But don't under estimate it. It's still sophisticated.

Whew... Talk about exacerbated!

MY Hemispheres are separated.

Considering the amount of drugs I've done, it's a wonder MY Brain is not annihilated.

Do not commiserate it. Commemorate it.

Because oddly when things get escalated, times when MY Brain is over accelerated, on high octane and caffeinated...

It gets elevated to the point of alleviated.

I don't even know how MY Brain is comprehending what I've just commentated.

I suppose so long as it's not refrigerated, to later be plated, served and eliminated...

I can keep it faded. Call it medicated.

In the hopes that one day MY Brain will be reinstated, regenerated even reincarnated...

That's MY Brain... Am I insane?

Or did I just leave you inebriated and twitterpatted?

Because I can see you just ejaculated.

© 2018 Cheyanne Elizabeth Wells


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