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Updated on January 12, 2018

Wonder Woman

Received a plate that was taken.
Taken during world war one.
She realized she was one.
She was a princess.
Raised on an island.
She is Amazonian.
A warrior created to protect.
Created to protect humankind.
She is eager to find.
More and more information.
But the son of ARES becomes jealous.
He orchestrates destruction.
He feels that earth is worthless.
Others attempt to stop him.
His father Zeus has to kill him.
He gives them a warning.
To prepare for him returning.
He gives a way to defeat him.
DIANA trains for him.
Diana rescues STEVE TREVOR.
Rescuing him after.
After his plane crashes.
Germans invade the island.
Taking TREVOR with them.
The Amazon's kill them.
Diana then finds.
The reason she survived.
Meanwhile, Steve reveals.
That Diana is supposed to kill.
Kill them all off.
Protecting humanity at all costs.
Diana finds that the Germans.
Are planning an invasion.
Releasing mustard gas.
Steve begins to act.
He's funded secretly.
He recruits men for help.
Helping to not release.
She and Steve grow romantically
They go to a Gala.
Attempting to find the game.
The toxic gas to destroy it.
While Diana feels that Ares.
Feels that he's returned.
Steve comes in time to stop her.
Stop her from killing him.
Staying focused on the mission.
But the gas is released.
Diana blames him for intervening.
Intervening in killing him.
Killing him would've stopped it.
Diana goes to where the gas is.
But finds that the war isn't stopping.
She finds the real Ares.
Those others were inspirations.
He gives her a chance.
To surrender, and forget the stand.
But Diana continues.
In the midst, she's abused.
She doesn't follow his rules.
In the end, he's the one that loses.

Gal Gadot
Diana/Wonder Woman
Chris Pine
Steve Trevor
David Thewlis


No mutants for 25 years.
LOGAN's ability to heal.
Has weakened significantly.
Like his mutant friends, he's aged.
But it did not stop his rage.
In the day he drove limos.
Working in El Paso.
His old friend CHARLES.
Has seizures that cause.
Cause massive destruction.
Only controlled by medication.
Many mutants were killed.
But three of them still.
Logan gets an offer.
To escort his daughter.
To Eden in North Dakota.
He reluctantly accepted.
He started the mission.
He sees her bad temper.
Then sees that
Laura has a bad temper.
After seeing claws come out of her.
He sees that he's her father.
She's a mutant like him.
She has claws like him.
DONALD PIERCE sends his army.
To hunt down the family.
Meeting them at Eden.
But they're killed by mutant children.

Hugh Jackman
Patrick Stewart
Charles Xavier
Boyd Holbrook
Donald Perce

The Fate and the Furious

The crew is spread out.
But when needed it's no doubt.
No doubt they'd get together.
Their bond stands forever.
DOM' s on his honeymoon.
But can't resist a moment to.
Drag race while in Cuba.
Making friends with the loser.
In the United States.
The crew is in a great place.
HOBBS coach's a soccer team.
SHAW is in jail for being.
A menace in L.A.
Things are going their way.
Until Dom meets CIPHER.
Who says she wants to hire.
Wants to hire Dom.
Reluctantly Dom.
Takes what she offers.
Because of one little picture.
Meanwhile, the team.
Gets together to retrieve.
A device in Berlin.
Dom goes rogue and takes it.
Hobbs reports what has happened.
The team wonders why he did it.
Shaw escapes from prison.
Recruited for a mission.
Diplomatic Security Service.
Gets the team to go retrieve it.
They track her with God's eye.
Finding they're in the sky.
Dom questions her motives.
She then reveals why he had chosen.
She has him retrieve another device.
But Dom is planning to save his life.
He says something wrong with the car.
He goes into an alley and parks.
He's in an area she can't track.
She wants anything she could hack.
Cipher gets really mad.
Thinking she may have been had.
But finds out in five minutes.
That he's there fixing it.
The team intercepts his mission.
Dom makes a decision.
Cipher has all she needs.
She hijacks a submarine.
The loyal team intercepts.
Saving Dom and his child.
He played Cipher for a while.

Vin Disel
Dwayne Johnson
Jason Statham


THOR hears a prophesy.
That Asgard just maybe.
Maybe destroyed by Ragnarok.
So he must find a way to make it stop.
So he returns to Asgard.
Not seeing his father on Asgard.
He and LOKI go find him.
Just to find that he's dying.
He explains that HELA will rise.
She'd arose due to his demise.
Hela has leadership qualities.
Odin had written her out of history.
Soon as he dies she comes.
Beginning her rage in Asgard.
Thor knows he must do his part.
Thor goes to another planet.
Meeting an old friend in the process.
HULK who was in a rage.
Who helped the Avengers save.
Save the earth and will Asgard.

Chris Hemsworth
Tom Hiddleston
Cate Blanchette

© 2018 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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