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Bourne Identity

Italian fishermen fish in the sea.
But one fish they didn't intend on rescuing.
In the sea, it was floating.
They hauled it in and found it alive.
Tending to its wounds while inside.
That man woke up with amnesia.
He knows he's there but can't remember.
He can't remember his own ID.
But retains his strength when fighting.
There's a tiny Laser under his hip.
That gives a number for a box in Zurich.
He later finds it contains a lot of money.
A lot of various currencies.
He takes everything but keeps.
The name on his passport as his ID.
JASON BOURNE is wanted.
Being chased by three agents.
Also being chased by local police.
Bourne attempts to evade them all.
But in the midst, he falls.
Falls to the consulate.
Moments later he escapes.
Needing a ride to Paris.
MARIA helps him get to Paris.
He inquires about a few names.
He's ambushed while he investigates.
But Bourne gets the upper hand.
The attacker murders his own plan.
Bourne and Marie spend the night in Paris.
Bourne poses as Kane the next day.
CONKLIN tracks him down the same day.
He later meets him face to face.
Bourne makes an effort to get away.

Matt Damon
Jason Bourne
Frank Potente
Marie Kreutz
Chris Cooper
Alex Conklin

Bourne Supremecy

BOURNE disappeared for two years.
He and Maria are in India.
Bourn is still getting flashbacks.
He's slowly getting his memory back.
He records his former life in a notebook.
But the authorities continue to look.
Continue looking for him.
So agent KIRILL decides to frame him.
He plants fingerprints at the scene.
Then steals the files and the money.
The $3 and $20 million.
Along with the files, he's been keeping.
Kirill then goes to Kill Bourne.
But is unable to catch Bourne.
He shoots at the fleeing car.
He shoots from afar.
As the bullets hit their vehicle.
Once the shots are fatal.
He shoots Marie.
Bourne tries to save Marie.
He fails to revive her.
Eventually, he has to leave her.
He travels to Italy.
ABBOT is asked by LANDY.
About an operation in Treadstone.
That program was once Bourne's home.
Landy believes that Bourne killed her agents.
So they attempt to have him apprehended.
Meanwhile, Bourne allows security.
To access his identity.
He copies the sim card from his phone.
But learns about Landy before leaving it alone.
He goes to visit an estranged friend.
Who informs him of the Treadstones end.
Bourne ends up killing him.
Bourne knows they're after him.
Bourne learns that Abbot led Treadstone.
He thought Conklin led Treadstone.
He later visits the hotel of the killings.
He realizes committed the killings.
Under the orders of Conklin.
But something isn't right about it.
He later confronts Abbot.
Then gets a confession from Abbot.
Abbot admits that he stole the millions.
That it was never Conklin.
He had bourne framed.
He thought Bourne will forever change.
Will forever change his life.
Instead, Bourne saved his life.
Abbot later commits suicide.
Landy comes to realize.
That Bourne is really clear.
Bourne calls and informs her that he is near.

Mat Damon
Jason Bourne
Brian Cox
Ward Abbot
Joan Allen
Pamela Landy

Bourne Ultimatum

JASON BOURNE evades Moscow Police.
Dealing with flashbacks of the day that he.
The day that joined the operation.
Weeks later PAM LANDY had a confession.
A confession from the late Ward.
SIMON ROSS learns about Bourne.
Also learning of the program succeeding Treadstone.
The CIA tracks ross as he heads home.
Home to London to inform them of Blackbriar.
The program succeeding treadstone is near.
His cell phone calls his editor's detected.
But Jason Bourne has resurfaced.
Bourne informs the family of Maria.
That she was assassinated in India.
He later arranges a meeting with Ross.
Going to a station to meet Ross.
Then realizes that the CIA.
Is also on the way.
They are following Ross as well.
Bourne helps him evade for a while.
But Ross soon panics.
Ignoring all of Bourne's instructions.
Ross is later shot and killed.
Bourne's experiencing flashbacks still.
NOAH VOSEN and his team.
Realizes NEAL DANIELS is who they need.
Bourne goes to Neil's office.
But finds an empty office.
He kills the men sent by Vosen.
Then an old friend NICKY PARSONS.
She informs him that Neal ran away.
She helped him get away.
Meanwhile, Daniels is being hunted.
Vosen knows Nicky has information.
So he sends one of his best men.
To catch Daniels and Bourne.
Daniels is killed but not Bourne.
He kills the man that came to chase.
He then obtains Neals briefcase.
As he tells Nicky to hide.
He examines the content that's inside.
He finds an address in New York City.
Bourne travels to New York City.
Upon arrival he contacts Landy.
He knows that Vosen's listening.
Listening as Landy says his real name.
She even gives him his birth date.
She later finds he's in town.
He texts to meet her in town.
Vosen finds out about it.
So he makes plans to stop it.
He takes classified documents.
But later realizes.
That Bourne has tricked him.
He sends a man after him.
But this one Bourne spared.
Later, Bourne finds that Landy.
Was sending messages indirectly.
So Bourne can access the files.
So the world can know what Vosen's about.

Matt Damon
Jason Bourne
Julia Stiles
Nicky Parsons
David Strathairn
Noah Vosen
Joan Allen
Pam Landy

Bourne Legacy

Jason Bourne is taking little assignments.
AARON CROSS takes on those big assignments.
He's assigned to Alaska for training.
He faces obstacles before training.
Those obstacles took him off track.
He was punished for going off track.
He is sent to a remote cabin.
The cabin is operated.
By the exiled OSCAR ISAAC.
Who informs Cross of his mission.
Researched different enhancers.
Looking for the right program.
ERIC BYER finds a scam.
A video online to prevent.
The Senate from knowing of the program.
Byer attempted to stop the program.
He sends drones to eliminate it.
Aaron listens to them approaching.
Before they shoot he escapes.
The chip implanted he throws away.
Meanwhile, Byer is tricked.
Thinking Aaron has been blown to bits.
Eventually, Byer figures it out.
He sends a soldier to take him out.
The attempt is lengthy.
But Aaron ends winning.

Jeremy Renner
Aaron Cross
Edward Norton
Eric Byer
Scott Glenn
Ezra kramer

Jason Bourne

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