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Bound From The Inside

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I Have The Greatest Freedom

Even though I fail to move

There are no limits

Constantly I feel restrained

What is stopping me maybe stopping many

From the accomplishments of all our efforts

We can look beyond

Instead we look away

As if we are ashamed and disgraced

There is love all around us

Yet we feel hurt

Left out and forgotten

Desire can take us to anywhere in this world and beyond

To often we never leave our own 4 by 4 imaginary cell

When we learn words of great expectations

We also accept great doubt

People we know and love

Bring us down

Gifted with a body so magnificent in unlimited ways

We slowly harm and destroy for no reason

With the ability to sleep and refresh

We constantly deprive ourselves of all our basic needs

Animals remind us of a love so true

Yet we forget and rush through

With words we can communicate across the globe

To often we are found speechless and shy

By all means find the love that keeps us always thriving for more

Leave your troubles at the door

Walk inside

The mirror on the wall

Sees you

Believes in you

You are left with many difficult questions

Where do we go from here ?

You have found the answer

Anywhere your hearts desire

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